MAC are able to offer a comprehensive range of paint shop equipment to meet the needs of all aerospace and military paint shops. The equipment ranges are large and diverse so please contact us for specific product line detail but we can summarise our capabilities as follows:-


Guns and Paint Delivery Systems

MAC are delighted to distribute the full range of Finishing Brands UK products. For specific detail please look at

  • Paint Guns
    • Gravity Fed
    • Pressure Pot
    • HVLP
    • Airless
    • Electrostatic
  • Fluid Delivery
    • Pumps
    • Regulators
    • Hoses
  • PPE
    • Air Fed Masks
  • Spares For All Products


equip pic 1 equip pic 2 equip pic 3

Paint Shop Equipment

MAC are partners of UNIC International who are one of the global leaders in paint shop equipment and recycling solutions

    • Paint Shakers
      • Pneumatic
      • Electric
    • Gun Cleaning systems
      • Solvent Based Paint
      • Water Based Paint
    • Can Crushers
    • Can Cleaners
    • Paper Compactors
    • Solvent Distillers/Recyclers
equip pic 4 equip pic 5 equip pic 6

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